Dr. Cynthia Jovanov: Advocating and Empowering Nurse Practitioners - President Elect CANP


and President Inland Empire Chapter (2018 - 2020) Dr. Jovanov is a practicing APRN with a vital skill set in the family and acute care setting. Her career began at Riverside Community College as an ADN in 2001. She is a first-generation college graduate from parents that migrated from Serbia and Central America. She obtained her Master's degree from UCLA in the Acute Care NP / CNS program, and shortly after, she received her FNP. She found that as an NP that business acumen was essential and went back for her MBA with a focus in finance. She completed her DNP from Duke University in 2019 with a focus on health literacy. She has worked in various institutions from small community settings to large academic institutions, including UC San Francisco and Stanford Health. Her specialty is Cardiac Surgery and Critical Care. She is a pioneer in the Inland Empire, becoming one of the first and few NP First assist in the operating room from Cardiac Surgery to assisting in delivering babies by C- section while billing independently. She wrote protocols and guidelines for local hospitals regarding the NP scope of practice. She mentors other NPs that are interested in her role. She teaches as an Adjunct Professor at California Baptist University. She advocates that APRNs are always aware of their contribution to the healthcare organization. She feels that every APRN should be informed and engaged in their practice; otherwise, other people make decisions for you. Dr. Jovanov feels it is imperative that you know your brand because it is your business. In this podcast, Dr. Jovanov shared her nursing career and how it evolved from being a Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and First Assist. As a Nurse Practitioner Educator, Leader, and Advocate, she spoke on why Nurse Practitioners need to participate in policy-making. She has a strong passion for clinical, and she passes her love of clinical and critical thinking onto her graduate students. Please enjoy as you listen to Dr. Jovanov further discussed the following important topics: - Why Nurse Practitioners need to advocate for patients and themselves because without active participation in policy-making other people will make the decisions that may affect the nurse practitioner profession - Plans as President-Elect for Inland Empire CANP chapters - Although the interview took place shortly before the AB 890 passed, she explained the process of how the AB 890 Bill evolved before the Bill arrived at Governor Newsom's desk and before he signed the Bill. She emphasized the need for all of us to be patient as the Bill gets clarified. - Issues on full practice authority allowing nurse practitioners to work independently and compliances - Plus many more, so please tune in to listen

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