ATTORNEY TODD ESS - Top Five Reasons that Prompt Board of Nursing to Launch Investigation Against Nurses and Strategies to Prevent

ATTORNEY TODD ESS – Top Five Reasons that Prompt Board of Nursing to Launch Investigation Against Nurses Attorney Todd Ess's passion for justice began when he enrolled in the Criminal Defense Clinic at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. There, he became one of the first law students in Indiana to join Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld's nationally recognized Innocence Project by representing Larry Mayes, then an inmate at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, Indiana. He is proud to be apart of the Innocence Project that has helped free hundreds of wrongfully convicted inmates, including many on death row. Since 2001, he has represented clients whose charges ranged from simple misdemeanors to complex felonies. In 2004, he trained at the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, Georgia. Today, he continues his mission to seek justice for each and every client. Currently, Attorney Ess works with Lorie Brown at Brown Law Office. Although attorney Ess is practicing in Indiana and what he discussed pertain to Indiana's BRN rules and regulations, the general information may be relevant to all nurses. Make sure to check with your state to verify and comply with the state's rules and regulations. In this special episode, Attorney Ess discussed the top five common reasons that could prompt investigation by the Board of Nursing against nurses. He will also discuss strategies to prevent them and review the process of the discipline. If you have specific questions for Attorney Todd Ess, please visit or you could contact the law office directly at 317-465-1065. This podcast is for general information only and is not intended for medical or legal advice or endorsement of any product or services are a substitute for any adequate training research compliance with established protocols, federal state, or local rules, the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the hosts or guests, speakers, or their personal opinions, and not by the opinions of statements of any other organization, agency, employer, or company. Please join us on this unique journey and be part of the movement that will empower healthcare, consumers, and providers to advocate for patients and for themselves, because your voices matter, please subscribe, follow. Join us for a weekly episode. For more information, please visit We will see you in our next episode. This podcast is also available in video on YouTube under the World Of NP Podcast as well as other podcast platforms as noted below: Anchor Breaker Google Podcast Pocket Casts


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