Attorney Melanie Balestra - on Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses' Legal Issues



Nursing Legal Issues and AB 890 Bill Attorney Melanie Balestra answered all questions on the Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses' common legal pitfalls.

Although this interview took place shortly before the AB 890 Bill passed, the common questions about the bill's details remain to be answered.

In this special podcast, Attorney Balestra answered the following common legal questions: - Should Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners carry their medical malpractice insurances, and if so, why? - What is the difference between occurrence and claim made medical malpractice coverage? - What is a collaborative agreement, and is that different from an employment contract? - Why is it important for Nurse Practitioners to have an established standardized procedure before starting employment? - Why important for Nurse Practitioners must have a clear written contract before employment

- Why you need to be familiarized with your employment contract and it's contents, including should your employer owns your work products

- plus many more, including important topics such as disciplinary actions, full practice authority, independent contractor, electronic records, documentations, and non-adherence/non-compliance patients.

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