Dr. Mary Wilson - Outstanding DNP Project: Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Guideline Development and Evaluation in Ambulatory Surgery Center

DR. MARY WILSON Dr. Mary Wilson began her nursing career in 1987. She was employed by San Antonio Hospital in Upland California in June of that year. She quickly transitioned into the CCU there by the following year. She moved on to the Operating Room at St. Bernardine's Medical Center by the year 1989. There she was promoted to Open-Heart Coordinator for the hospital and worked with Dr. Leonard Bailey performing pediatric open-heart procedures. She left that position in 1992 and moved with her extended family to Colorado where she continued as the Open-Heart Coordination at Memorial hospital in Colorado Springs. Missing the sunny beach air of California, she and her family moved back to California and she accepted a position once again at St. Berardine's, but this time in an administrative role as the Manager of the Outpatient Surgery Center. One of the highlights of her career is having served in Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake in 2010. Seeing the devastation and poverty there gave her life a new meaning. Holding injured children in her arms and helping transport them to a higher level of care at the University of Miami's mobile units was an experience that shaped her life moving forward. Working with vulnerable populations has been a professional goal of hers that she was able to fulfill in 2016 when she began giving anesthesia at the Indio Surgery Center to pediatric patients. In this podcast, Dr. Wilson discussed her award-winning Outstanding Doctor of Nursing (DNP) Project, titled Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Guideline Development and Evaluation in an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Special Note: This podcast is for general information only and is not intended for medical or legal advice or endorsement of any product or services are a substitute for any adequate training research compliance with established protocols, federal state, or local rules, the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the hosts or guests, speakers, or their personal opinions, and not by the opinions of statements of any other organization, agency, employer, or company. Please join us on this unique journey and be part of the movement that will empower healthcare, consumers, and providers to advocate for patients and for themselves, because your voices matter, please subscribe, follow. Join us for a weekly episode. For more information, please visit We will see you in our next episode. This podcast is also available in video on YouTube under the World Of NP Podcast as well as other podcast platforms as noted below: Anchor Breaker Google Podcast Pocket Casts


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