Dr. Enza Esposito Nguyen

Dr. Enza Esposito Nguyen is an APRN with a strong skill set in the oncology and acute care setting. Her career began at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center as an ADN in 1997. She is a first-generation college graduate from Panama City, Panama. She went on to obtain her BSN from California State University, Dominguez Hills and her dual Master's degree from UCLA as an Adult NP / CNS program with a specialty in Oncology in 2004. She has lived abroad and also worked as a Quality Assurance manager in Oncology in London, UK and also worked as an oncology nurse at the famed Harley Street Clinic in London, UK. She managed the thoracic oncology and urology oncology programs at St Joseph hospital in Orange, California for nearly 7 years. She completed her DNP from the California State University Consortium in 2019 with a focus on education. After completion of her DNP she moved t Austin, Tx where she now works as a Diagnostic Manager for a major international pharmaceutical company